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    Pioneer in Engineered Nucleases technologies

    from ZFNs and TALENs to CRISPRs

    We design, synthetize and validate the Engineered Nuclease system that suits your needs, for KO, KI, gene correction, …

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    ORF cDNA collection of almost all human, mouse and rat genes.

    cDNAs delivered in Shuttlevectors or in Ready-to-Express vectors.

    We deliver the ORF of interest as shuttle clone but also in ready for expression vectors for mammalian, bacterial, lentiviral, yeast ,insect cells or in-vitro expression. You can also choose amongst an incredible number of available protein tags.

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    Transcription Regulation

    Assess the activity of your promoters and transcription factors.

    LabOmics offers a whole collection of promoter reporter clones to monitor each gene promoter of interest. We offer as well sensitive Transcription Factors binding activity assays to detect and quantitate AP1 c-jun and p53 in nuclear extracts.

  • Labomics Antibodies


    More than 75.000 Antibodies

    More than 75.000 antibodies covering a broad range of research and therapeutical targets (Protein Kinases, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Nuclear Receptors, Transcription factors, hormones, etc.) and validated for leading usages including immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western blot and immunoassays.

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    Innovative transfection for DNA, siRNA and antibodies.

    Be excellent for your transfections.

    Being specialized in vector based expression for cDNA, miRNA and reporter clones, we offer cutting-edge, last generation, transfection reagents for the vectors we support. We also offer an antibody transfection tool.

  • Labomics magnetic beads

    Magnetic beads

    The magnetic Separation Beads

    Purification of DNA, RNA, viruses, cells etc is much faster with our calibrated super paramagnetic nanobeads. Includes ready-to-use magnetic ChIP kits and beads pre-coated to bind your specific reagent: Silica (nucleic acids), streptavidin, protein A/G and secondary antibodies.


Specialists in Functional Genomics

Cell line Engineering Service

From genome editing to stable expression cell lines establishment, we engineer your cells through our Cell Engineering Custom Cervices. Submit your projects to LabOmics!


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More than 125000 antibodies available

Fully characterized, usage defined

LabOmics offers a huge collection of antibodies covering thousands of targets and usages. Check here