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Promoter U6
Selecting Marker Puromycin
Reporter Gene mCherry
Viral Type FIV
Vector map psiLv-mU6
Price Set of 4 clones: €626 / £565
Clones set For lentiviral and mammalian vector based shRNAs, your set will contain 4 shRNA expression constructs. For validated human kinome shRNA clones in psi-sH1 vector, we provide 1 to 3 clones for each gene, all of which have been validated to have a KD effect of 70% of the original level using colorimetric alkaline phosphatase assay
Clones specifications The hairpin consists of a 7 base loop and 19~29 base stem optimized for the specific gene sequence.
Sequences The expression cassettes of all shRNA clones are fully sequenced, which includes the promoter, sense and antisense target sequences, hairpin, termination and other linker sequences. The sequences of 19~29mer shRNAi will be delivered with shRNA clones.

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