EXO-Prep for exosome isolation from Plasma and serum 10 ml

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EXO-Prep for exosome isolation from Plasma and serum 10 ml
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EXO-Prep is a new and efficient method for exosome isolation from biofluids (i.e plasma serum and urine) and from cell culture supernatants. Exosomes are quicky isolated from your sample by an incubation step with EXO-Prep precipitation reagent. Exosome pellet is subsequently collected by one-step centrifugation and can be easily resuspended in PBS 1X. Solubilized exosomes are suitable for different downstream analyses such as proteomic or nucleic acids marker profiling, NTA, electron microscopy etc.


EXO-Prep is a fast and convenient method of exosome isolation from biofluids and cell culture supernatants. Isolation with EXO-Prep is based on chemical precipitation. Samples are incubated with EXO-Prep solution on ice, so that exosomes will precipitate following centrifugation. The obtained pellet can be resuspended in PBS 1X or deionized water. The protocol is user friendly, timesaving (around 1 hour), and does not require capital laboratory equipment. Isolated exosomes are suitable for a wide range of analyses, such as NTA, protein profiling by using different techniques (western blotting, ELISA, FACS), nucleic acid extraction and profiling of mRNA or small RNA markers. Applications: Single step isolation of exosomes from biofluids and cell supernatants. EXO-Prep is able to isolate the overall exosome population in a sample. Isolated exosomes can be used for NTA analysis, protein profiling (WB, FACS, ELISA) and nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) extraction and profiling. Advantages: No ultracentrifugation required. Easy and fast protocol. EXO-Prep is able to isolate exosome from small volumes of sample (as low as 100 μl of plasma).Easy to store and ship (4°C).

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